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ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships 2020 tickets on sale now at Piletilevi tickets portal. 

Tallinn hosts ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships 2020 from 2nd March till 8th March 2020. The competition takes place at Tondiraba Ice Hall.

The best skaters from 44-46 countries will participate and most probably we can see among them future World Champions and Olympic Games 2022 participants.
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The all-event ticket will give you access to all competitions and Gala Exhibition.

All event tickets:           30€ 2nd level
                                        40€ 1st level
Day tickets:                   5€ 2nd level
                                         7€ 1st level
Gala tickets:                  10€ 2nd level
                                         15€ 1st level.

  *There will be an additional service charge added to every ticket 0,50€ by Piletilevi and 0,60€ by Tondirab Ice Hall.

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