Tondiraba Ice Hall is situated in the Tondiraba residential area in Lasnamäe District. Access to the Hall is very quick and easy with a car or public transport.

The Hall is surrounded by an illuminated parking lot for 500 vehicles. Parking is free in the parking lot. Depending on the event, the scale and nature of it, the regular organisation in the parking lot may change. 

Virbi Stop for buses 19, 44, 51 and 65 is situated next to Tondiraba Ice Hall. Watch public transport timetable here.

More information about Tallinn public transportation can be found here.

The three-storey multifunctional Tondiraba Ice Hall includes a 5,840-seater main arena and three practice halls.  The usable space in the building is 20,578 m2. The building is surrounded by a parking lot for 500 vehicles.
The main arena is suitable for practices and competitions of figure skating, ice hockey, handball, gymnastics and other sports.

In the vicinity of practice halls 1 and 2 are 13 locker rooms, 12 drying rooms for drying hockey clothes, medical and drug point, gym, choreography room and team exercise room equipped with a special exercise machine.